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Troubleshoot & Repair Total Control System

In 2024 we started repairing, exchanging and selling the Irritrol Total Control interior & exterior "B" and "R" systems: TC-6, TC-9, TC-12, TC-15, TC-18, TC-24 including the terminal wiring circuit board.  This page outlines the troubleshooting, repair and purchasing of NEW Irritrol Total Control Systems

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Irritrol / Hardie Total Control Prices:
  • TC-6 System.................$185
  • TC-9 System.................$260
  • TC-12 System...............$275
  • TC-15 System...............$325
  • TC-18 System...............$425
  • TC-24 System...............$475

  • TC-6 Timer & Board.....$165
  • TC-9 Timer & Board.....$240
  • TC-12 Timer & Board...$255
  • TC-15 Timer & Board...$305
  • TC-18 Timer & Board...$405
  • TC-24 Timer & Board...$455
  • TC Terminal Board $175 plus core. 

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Total Control Repair and Purchasing Instructions
Here is how the check-out process works step-by-step:​ 

  • Go to the drop-down menu and select your TC System model number and click on the "Buy Now" button below to complete your purchase.  
  • You will then be directed to PayPal to complete the transaction.  Note: if you do not have a PayPal account, credit cards and personal checks are accepted. Just click on the "Buy Now" button and follow the directions.  Call us at 602-363-9978 if you have questions.  
  • All items listed on this page are for purchasing a NEW complete system or NEW timer & terminal wiring board (guts).  See reference photos below for buying guidance. 

Select Total Control System Model # from Drop Down Menu below via right-side arrow and click-on "Buy Now" button to complete purchase:

Total Control Timer and Terminal Wiring Board

Select Total Control Timer & Terminal Wiring Board Model from Drop Down Menu below via right-side arrow and click-on "Buy Now" button to complete purchase:

1. Valves / solenoids not activating.  No water present across all valves / stations. 

2  The main LCD will say "SHORT" across all valves / stations when they are activated either through the Program or Manual mode.   That error code is a "death sentence" for the timer module. 

3.  You experience and notice intermittent watering behavior.  Your plants & grass suddenly appear to be dying.  Basically, some stations work but others do not and the timer is programmed properly. 

​4. The removal or replacement of a valve / solenoid wire on the terminal board screws seems to make some of the valves work intermittently.

5 When you physical push on the terminal board, some of the values activate / deactivate or your Total Control timer LCD display screen goes intermittently blank / dark. ​

Note: Very rarely have we seen the 24vdc weather proof protective case power supply (transformer) fail or fuse blow but it does occur when a power surge occurs (i.e. lighting strike or yard wires become damaged).  If you experience any of the above 5-symptoms, it is likely your timer module and/or terminal board is malfunctioning. 

Total Control Timer Module & Terminal Board failures include:
Irritrol Total Control User Guides & Installation Manuals
The Total Control TC-6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24, 36 & 48 timers come in several different flavors since its introduction in the 1990s.  The first version was manufactured by Hardie until the company was purchased by Irritrol.  Irritrol was then purchased by Toro.  So depending on when you installed your timer will depend on what procedures are required to program it.  The attached manual covers "B" & "R" series models from 2001 - Present.  

To help identify the approximate year of your timer module, look at the faceplate.  The faceplate on the left is a "B" model made between 2001-2009.  It has more white color on its lithograph.  The timer module on the right is an "R" series made between 2009-present.  
Ordering & Payment Instructions​ 
"B" model 24-channel example
"R" model 24-channel example