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Irritrol Rain Dial User Guides & Installation Manuals
The Rain Dial 600 / 900 / 1200 & "R" timers come in several different flavors since its introduction in the 1990s.  The first version was manufactured by Hardie until the company was purchased by Irritrol.  Irritrol was then purchased by Toro.  So depending on when you installed your timer will depend on what procedures are required to program it.  We have included several manuals as well as a video link below to help with this task.

YouTube programming tutorial: "Hardie / Irritirol 1992-present models" (click on the white underlined hyperlink).

Secondly, a good way to determine when you timer was manufactured is to look in the 9vdc battery compartment.  Open the back of the controller and remove your 9vdc battery and you will see six digits stamped inside the compartment.  The last two-digits are the model year.  See the photo below for details. 

Also one other consideration is the color of your controller.  If your controller has a mostly gray faceplate, it was built between 1991-2006.  If your controller is more navy blue in color, it was built after 2007. 
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